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Standard Polypropylene bag

Polypropylene bags are produced in 30-85 cm width and weight from 40 g. Baguettes are prepared by cutting them in cold or hot cutters. The finished product comes in packs of 500 and 1000. The bags are produced in different colors and with added UV stabilizers according to the customers’ needs. It is used in the packaging of agricultural, food industry and chemical products, any types of grain products, as well as in packaging for technical purposes.

The bag is made of polypropylene fabric

Polypropylene bag fabrics are produced in widths of 30-200 cm with a density of 40-210 gm2. The goods are produced in the form of sleeved fabric, and the finished product is wrapped in a roll of 200-250 kg. Available in any colors and UV stabilizers in varying amounts as per customer requirements. Big bag is widely used in making soft containers and small bags.


Soil cover

The ground cover is woven from polypropylene threads up to 5 meters wide with a surface density of 120-210 gm2. UV stabilizers and various colors are also added to the coating composition according to customer requirements. Mulch is used to suppress weeds in your garden, cover plots of land in your greenhouses, and dry agricultural produce.

Multifilament yarn

Multifilament yarns have a top density of 150-3000 denier and can be made in any number of filaments, different colors and UV stabilizers according to the customer’s needs. Multifilament yarns are widely used as a sewing thread in woven bags, in the manufacture of straps (ribbons), in the manufacture of sofa and furniture sets, and in the manufacture of safety belts.

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adaty sapak

Standard polypropylene thread

High-quality polypropylene threads for bag weaving have a width of 1.5-4mm and a bulk density of 150-4000 deniers. Although the composition is mainly polypropylene, various colors and UV stabilizers can also be added. Commonly used in bag weaving, conventional polypropylene yarn is an integral part of our customers’ textile production.